In Home Postpartum Care &

Lactation Support

Let’s be honest. Traditional postpartum care is seriously lacking if you had your baby at the hospital. You will only be seen once at six weeks postpartum. But what about that critical time in between?

Questions I commonly hear are:

  • Am I healing properly “down there” ?

  • Is this pain normal?

  • Why am I so tired? Is there something wrong with me?

  • Why will baby only nurse on one side?

expert care in the comfort of your own home

Clinical visits for you and your baby - covered by most insurance.

  • Professional lactation and breastfeeding help, including weight checks

  • Assessing your perineal/vaginal healing

  • Well baby care, weight checks, bilirubin screening, tongue tie and lip tie evaluation

  • Screen and support for mood disorders, including postpartum depression & anxiety

  • Troubleshoot diaper issues, rashes, fussiness, sleep issues

  • Nutrition counseling, vitamin deficiency testing, hormone testing

  • Support for pelvic floor and core recovery

  • Referrals for advanced care