“I am so thankful to Elke for helping me to have such a positive and natural birth experience. Ultimately, she really trusted me and my body and that made all the difference to me because it was so hard to trust myself and my body after a traumatic birth experience with my first. All of her suggestions for prenatal health and preventative measures were right on! She is wonderful, has a big heart and will work with you wherever you are at. I highly recommend her.”


“Elke Saunders is a homebirth midwife who is filled with Godly wisdom and love for her clients. The prenatal care she offers is top-notch and incredibly personalized, with a focus on building a relationship and trust. She attended our homebirth with our fourth child. The birth was a bit longer than our previous three births, but Elke stayed calm and focused. She gave us space and time to labor how we wanted. When the time came for our baby to be born she was an invaluable presence. I remember when the baby's head was crowning and I was completely focused on pushing, she exclaimed with great enthusiasm, "Look! Your baby's head is out!" Her excitement brought me back into the moment and helped me to fully experience our birth.

Once our son was born, she gave us uninterrupted time to bond with him as parents. The next day she returned to check on us and offer postpartum support. Her support and friendship continued over the next few months, which then turned into years. I believe with all of my being that birth is a sacred and spiritual experience to be protected and watched over with respect and love. Elke Saunders' services as a homebirth midwife will afford you and your family the birth you have always dreamed of, the birth you deserve.”



“Elke's calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge allowed me to comfortably go within and picture the power of my body. That power that says "I was made and designed to do this".  That feeling of strength, wisdom, and having the courage to listen to and trust my body was incredible. I attribute much of this to Elke's support and care. Care that was provided in the comfort of my own home. It doesn't get any better than that!”


“Elke made my pregnancy a very pleasurable experience. Through her frequent visits she kept my boyfriend and I very informed. She is very knowledgeable of every aspect of pregnancy and childbirth which made me very comfortable with her and happy with my decision to have her be my midwife. When I went into labor she was ready to go in the middle of the night. Her and the girls showed up so quick and had everything set up in no time. They were very involved but also gave me my space. I truly couldn't of been more comfortable.”


“Our first child was born on April 18, 2016 and I was lucky enough to have two midwives at the birth. Elke, one of those present, was such a strong support for me during labor and delivery. I have known Elke for several years, and have always admired her strength of character and go-get’em attitude. I knew that was exactly what I would need to get me through and I was not mistaken.

I am so grateful to Elke for her support, knowledge and care of me during labor and after birth, and I am thrilled she was able to share in the miracle of my daughter’s birth.”